Investment is an art of making a perfect blend of timing, valuation, expectation (outlook) and risk acceptance.

Steffen Fang

Risk management is one of our top investment philosophy, which includes: proper risk measurement, mitigation, the contingency plan and your level of acceptance of that particular risk.

Hevy Yafanny

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About Our Company

Founded in 2015, SF Capital focuses on corporate finance and financial consulting. As an independent advisory company with no banking or brokerage operations, SF Capital has no conflict of interests and can fully focus on optimizing client needs, interests & returns.

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Why Us

Through its strong network of financial institutions, SF Capital can provide alternative funding for clients through money markets and capital markets, equity instruments, debt and hybrid financing

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Our Services


Growing companies looking for capital to fuel-up their expansion

Right Issue

A capital raising mechanism by inviting current shareholders to subscribe a right in proportion to their ownership

Venture Capital

a type of financing provided by investors to startup and small businesses that are believed to have long-term growth potential

Private placement

a capital raising involving the sale of securities to a relatively small number of selected investors

Tailor-made financing

A financial service perfectly fitted to a condition, preference, need or purpose of our clients.

Medium Term Notes

is a note or loan that usually do not requires an instrument rating and matures in one to 3 years

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